LOOK is a creative studio of visual effects, which has encompassed talented artists, designers, carefully selected from different parts of the world. Each member of our team is a researcher by nature, who is on the constant lookout for new solutions in the field of computer graphics to create perfect visual images. As a result, our customers constantly benefit from our curiosity.

Our task is to create stunning and unique images of unbuilt objects with love of all details.

We literally let you see the future.

Константин Дятлов
Konstantin Dyatlov

Is a co-founder and designer of the virtual environment. He began to study 3D rendering by studying architecture at the Novosibirsk Architecture and Art Academy. In addition to improving the visualization skills, he conducts teaching activities; meanwhile, he is the author of several 3D-rendering courses.

Даниил Белых
Daniil Belykh

Is a co-founder and general manager of the studio. Daniil founded LOOK , whilst he was studying information modeling at the Novosibirsk Architecture and Art Academy. Besides working on the studio development, Daniil studies information modeling technology and he is engaged in teaching activities. He likes to spend his free time at the wheel of his own motorcycle.

 Карина Османова
Karina Osmanova

Is a translator focusing on the translation from English to Russian and vice versa. Karina studied Architectural Drafting at the Harrold Washington College, Illinois, USA. Afterwards, she's transferred to the Novosibirsk State University of Architecture, Design and Arts. In terms of her hobby preferences, she loves drawing, dancing and acting.

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